NYSAPLS NCEES PS/FS Exam Prep Webinar Series - Fall 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013 - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Announcing a NEW Webinar Series...

A series of webinars to help you prepare for the NCEES examinations on the Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Principles & Practice of Surveying (PS)

The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors (NYSAPLS) is pleased to present twelve 90-minute webinars. Sign up to join us for one, some or all. Pricing is affordable and cost per session decreases as you increase the number of sessions you plan to attend!


About the program

Each webinar session will be taught by Dr. Joseph Paiva. Joe is well-known in New York, he has been a frequent speaker at NYSAPLS’ Annual Conferences and workshops and is the developer and presenter of the successful review course for the New York-specific portion of the examination. Joe is known nationally as a speaker, presenter of seminars and workshops and consultant to practitioners of surveying as well as manufacturers of hardware and software used by surveyors.


The schedule and content of the webinars is listed below. At each webinar, there will be ten to 15 minutes allocated for answering questions from webinar attendees.
Webinar List (each 90 minutes long)

No.  Date  Time (EDT)       Content/Title                                                                       

1.     9/23     7:00 pm           Preparing for taking the exam; calculator use

2.     9/24     7:00 pm           Potpourri of material - NCEES specs for the FS/PS Exams

3.     9/25     7:00 pm           Basic surveying math I: trigonometry, algebra, geometry

4.     9/26     7:00 pm           Basic surveying math II: Traverse, adjustment concepts

5.     9/27     7:00 pm           Advanced surveying math: Intersection calculations

6.     9/28     10:00 am         Traverse and route calculations (curves) I

7.     9/28     12:30 pm         Traverse and route calculations (curves) II

8.     9/30      7:00 pm          Errors in surveying measurements

9.     10/1      7:00 pm          Errors and data analysis

10.   10/19    10:00 am         Fundamentals of instruments, procedures, nomenclature

11.   10/19    12:30 pm         Legal aspects, descriptions, glossary I

12.   10/20    12:00 pm         Legal aspects, descriptions, glossary II   


Note that the topics covered in this webinar series by no means includes every area that is included in the exam specifications. One of the purposes of sessions 1 and 2 is to familiarize you with other areas not covered in this series, where you might wish to do your own independent study.

 What You'll Learn...
Get tips on what mistakes to avoid
preparing for the exam
Learn what to concentrate on
How to study for maximum retention of  material  Find out what books you will need to study
What you can do independently to
improve your exam performance
 Hear the discussion on whether books with practice questions help

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 Registration Fees
 Registration Type Member Fee Non-Member Fee
 Single Session $50 $60
2-4 Sessions Total $100 $120
5-8 Sessions Total $175 $225
9-12 Sessions Total $290 $340




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